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The name Tomkinson probably originated in Staffordshire, in the Northwest Midlands, England - Tomkin being the diminutive of Thomas, and hence the son of Tomkin (such being a common surname derivation in medieval society). However spelling varies a lot, particularly in the period before Civil registration of Births, Deaths and Marriages started in 1837, when parish priests had their own ideas on spelling! Thompkinson, Tonkeson, Tumkynson, etc.

The Earliest well known researches into the history of the Tomkinson Family were Published in 1904 by Newton Powers Tomkinson of Philadelphia, USA. A transcription of his book - Genealogical Memoirs of various Families of Tomkinson (1620 - 1904) may be Downloaded here ( [Please note that errors do occur during transcription].

a Print of The Tomkinson Boys

This mezzotint by EE Milner after T. Gainsborough was published in 1915 by E. Klackner, London. The Original, by Thomas Gainsborough [1727-1788], is now at the Taft Museum of Art ,Cincinnati, USA.

Current Areas of interest are:-

Tomkinson Wills

Parish Records, Property Records and Census Records

Family Trees and Tomkinson Researchers

Eminent Tomkinsons and Family Portraits

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